Handy and quick access to your bookmarks

using your keyboard.Learn more.

How does it work?

Step 1. Assign a clear alias (key) to your bookmark. E.g, how to boil an egg can be saved as home.cooking.recipe.eggs

Step 2. Use this key (or a part of it) later to open your bookmark. E.g. you can type cooking.eggs and the service will suggest your saved recipe

Добавление закладки

  1. Откройте страницу, которую хотите добавить
  2. Выделите адресную строку (ctrl+l)
  3. Напишите hm +ключВашейЗаметки (не забудьте про +)
  4. Нажмите enter

Открытие закладки

  1. Выделите адресную строку (ctrl+l)
  2. Напишите hm ключВашейЗаметки
  3. Нажмите enter

Открываем страницу, которую хотим добавить

ctrl + l

Why is it handy and quick?

  • Optimized for keyboard

    How much time would it take you to type 3 words? Opening a bookmark will take the same

  • Smart filter to become even quicker

    Use smart key filter to open a bookmark typing only five letters

  • Browser plugins

    Browser plugin implements 95% of the functionality Make sure you install a plugin and set up synchronization to open bookmarks as fast as possible

How to use the service to full extent

Step 1. Install browser plugin. Using it is much faster than working with web interface

Step 2. Register. Set up synchronization between the plugin and the service to access your bookmarks from any device